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Why Partner With a Loan Consultant?

As an entrepreneur, you’re all too familiar with wearing multiple hats and becoming a “jack of all trades.” We understand how stressful this can be, and what challenges arise when opening, acquiring, expanding or even exiting a business. We understand the intricacies of business finance, the common pitfalls, and how to execute with a smooth process so that you don’t have to “learn the hard way”.

1. Expansive Network of Lenders

Did you know that there are THOUSANDS of SBA lenders? Many of which only originate a handful of SBA loans each year. The SBA process is complicated enough, so working with the right lender is crucial. We work with both bank and non-bank SBA lenders that all specialize in SBA 7(a) or 504 lending. They know the SBA guidelines and originate thousands of SBA loans every year. We know their individual quirks and which lender is right for your request type, financial situation and industry. Our lenders all carry PLP (Preferred Lender Program) status with the SBA so that they can offer the best terms and experience.

2. Quick Qualification

We have in-depth experience with a wide variety of loan types (start-ups, construction, acquisitions, etc.) and understand our lender’s requirements for each. This, coupled with our soft credit pull (does not impact your credit score or create an inquiry) allows us to quickly and thoroughly pre-qualify your loan request. If you are a business broker or franchisor, we are happy to assist in quickly pre-qualifying your new listings or potential franchisees.

3. Confidentiality

We work on an exclusive and confidential basis. Rest assured that we are in your corner, and our loyalty lies in our client’s best interest, not a particular lender, investor, or credit box. As your consultant, we assist in structuring and presenting your loan request in a manner that sets you up for success. We are most successful when we have a very transparent relationship with our client and keep all details to third parties on a need-to-know basis.

4. Expert Guidance

Our team is proficient in all four stages of the business life cycle and has hands-on experience with each stage. We have direct operations and franchise experience that we utilize to guide our clients and set them up for success. We have closed thousands of SBA loans across a wide variety of industries and understand what it takes to get to the finish line.

5. Streamlined Process

Our team will demystify the process and set clear expectations upfront so we don’t encounter any surprises later on. We proactively address potential pitfalls so contingency plans can be made and executed as needed. We use standardized SBA forms and templates accepted by all of our lenders to avoid doing double work.

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