Sarah Kraft
Vice President, Business Development Officer

Sarah is an experienced business development manager with over 15 years in the banking and finance industry, specializing in small business with a niche in equipment, SBA, and healthcare- practice solutions. She is skilled in outreach, team building, management, marketing, and business development. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science focused in Finance, with a Minor in Economics from Florida State University; Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Organization. She is passionate about building long term professional relationships and helping people from all walks of life, specifically to assist with reaching financial freedom and achieving their goals. She is involved in several non-profit organizations including Ronald McDonald House Charites, Central Florida Urban League, Habitat for Humanity, Bridges of Light. She aides and mentors in educational development through Bibb County school district as a substitute teacher.

Cory Biddle
Vice President of Business Development

Cory has over 10 years of management experience previously running a multi-million dollar operation for a Fortune 5 company. His time has an operator has given him a wealth of general business acumen as well as years of experience implementing and executing various strategies and processes. Cory has invested in industry specific education and professional certifications from the likes of Harvard Business School Online, Yale University Online, and the University of Pennsylvania Online. His time in management and ongoing education has given him a great deal of insight into the behavioral aspects of both finance and personnel management, focusing on DISC/MBTI personality models and The Black Swan Group’s negotiation tactics.

Cory also holds current FL real estate and mortgage loan originator licenses.

Janet Emerich
Executive Vice President

Janet has 12 years of experience in the finance industry, with the last 8 years focused on SBA Loans. Janet has a real passion for solving the many challenges business owners face. She strives to ensure all her clients are completely satisfied with the level of care they receive, as well as assisting and advising through the SBA process. Janet takes great pride in her ability to consistently and successfully navigate clients through the complex and tedious loan processes required by SBA-backed financial institutions.

She has been providing commercial financing nationwide to start-ups, expansion, and business acquisitions in many industries, including medical. Her other focuses are on offering equipment financing, and SBA Express working capital. Her success has been in treating people with integrity and excellent customer service.