How We Help Construction Businesses

Whether you own an established construction business or are just getting started, there may be times you’ll need access to additional working capital for a variety of business needs. Purchasing equipment and machinery can be extremely resource-intensive, but we can help to make it happen. FINANCIALCORP works closely with construction businesses, assessing their unique financial needs and helping provide them with the SBA Express working capital they require.

SBA Express Working Capital

FINANCIALCORP has been working with startup and existing construction businesses since 1991.  We are the best resource for construction businesses for a variety of services. We offer the following:

  • Equipment Financing
  • SBA Express Working Capital Loans

We also have several referral partners that are able to provide much of what construction businesses need in order to start new offices, maintain existing ones, expand into larger or multiple offices, and to purchase or lease machinery.  We look forward to working with you as a true resource and partner in the growth of your business.

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