Easy-to-use Estimated Monthly Payment Calculator

The payment calculator will give an estimate of payments, for overall budgeting. Once a credit application is submitted, there are different factors (like customer credit and current financial conditions) that will affect the actual payments. If interested, contact FINANCIALCORP for more information or to submit a credit application.

(Downloadable Monthly Payment Calculator)

** NOTE that Start-up chiropractor payments provided are currently not available. Please contact us for the corrected payments desired.

If the equipment quote is over $200,000 please contact us for current payments.

Vendors: Tips for providing payments to your customers

By providing an estimated monthly payment on your equipment quote, you will help your customers know the monthly cost for budgeting purposes. Even though there are different terms (from 3-7 years), most medical professionals prefer the 5 year option, with either the 10% or $1.00 buyout (depending on how they are able to maximize the equipment write off for tax purposes.

*Remember these payments are “estimated” monthly payments and may change (+ or -) depending on applicant’s